Daily Trivia: P G Wodehouse


“You should read Wodehouse when you’re well and when you’re poorly; when you’re travelling and when you’re not; when you’re feeling clever, and when you’re feeling utterly dim. Wodehouse always lifts your spirits, no matter how high they happen to be already.”
                -Lynne Truss.

P G Wodehouse is the author of almost a hundred books and the creator of Jeeves, Blandings Castle, Psmith, Ukridge, Uncle Fred and Mr Mulliner. As well as his novels and short stories, he wrote lyrics for musical comedies with Guy Bolton and Jerome Kern, and at one time had five musicals running simultaneously on Broadway.

Wodehouse introduced Jeeves in 1915. About 50 years later, in a book called The World of Jeeves (1967), he explained: “I find it curious, now that I have written so much about him, to recall how softly and undramatically Jeeves entered my little world. … On that occasion, he spoke just two lines.

The first was:
‘Mrs Gregson to see you, sir.’
The second:
‘Very good, sir, which suit will you wear?’
It was only some time later … that the man’s qualities dawned upon me. I still blush to think of the off-hand way I treated him at our first encounter.”

When asked how he approaches his writing, he said, “I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit.”


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