Do you have to like the characters in a book to enjoy reading it?

Not necessarily. But I have to like someone. It is hard for me to read a book or watch a movie in which the characters are difficult to like.

People are flawed, sure and they make mistakes. I like characters that are flawed. It makes them more realistic. But they need to have some redeeming qualities, something that makes me connect with them.

I remember when I was reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Issacson…Jobs is not a likeable person by any means and Issacson is quite honest about that. But his mind and his genius are so fascinating that I couldn’t stop reading.

I was thinking about this because I’m currently reading a book in which I am not quite able to like or connect with any of the characters and while there is still enough in the book to make me keep reading, I feel none of the eagerness to get back to reading my book that I have when I’m reading something truly fascinating.

It is not possible that every book I pick up will be fantastic. I know that. But I guess I don’t see the point of reading a book that I am not enjoying…


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