Musing Mondays: I never write in my books…


Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Should be reading.  here’s what I’m thinking about this week.

I don’t write in my books and I don’t like it when people do.  I know that is the way some people like to read. They like to underline things and make notes and comments in the margins…The fact that they write in their books does not mean that they don’t care about them.

In fact there are several people famous for their love of books who’ve been known to do it. Helene Hanff and  Anne Fadiman, two of my favourite writers of books about books have happily confessed to writing  in their books. Hanff even used to write in her library books…

To each his own and all that, but I hate it when I find books that have been written in, underlined and highlighted. I like to leave a book exactly as I found it. Any thoughts I might have about the book will go into my journal and any passages that I want to remember, I will copy but never will I take a pencil to my books.

What about you?



4 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: I never write in my books…

  1. I’m with you I like the books I have read to look as they did the day I bought them. I have been laughed at as I don’t like creased spines and so wouldn’t dream of writing in them but I’m also a nosy person so if it is a second-hand book the same standards don’t apply…. then it’s entertaining to see what others found important enough to pull out a pen and annotate.

    • I too like secondhand books with comments in them. But I somehow cannot abide the underlining and the highlighting. It really distracts me.

  2. I don’t write in my books but I LOVE books that have been written in. I like that someone took the time to write their thoughts down. It’s like reading with a person beside you, sharing the experience. I wish I was brave enough to go at a book with a pencil.

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