The thing about e-books…

I love physical books and a lot of the books I buy are second-hand, so each of them is unique. I’m fond of book covers and I like the sight of my bookshelves. Each of my books carries the memory of the time and the place where I first encountered it, the time that I first read it, what I was thinking and doing at the time…it’s like a piece of my life and it has a unique personality.

E-books on the other hand…they are extremely convenient.  I love that I can buy a bunch of new e-books and not wonder where in the house I am going to keep them. I love all the options my e-book reader gives me to change the background and the font, the ease with which I can copy and preserve my favourite passages and so on.

But the problem is that none of my e-books have any personality. They are all locked into a single device and much as I love my smart-phone, I cannot look at it and feel connected to all 750 books on it.


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