Revisiting the Classics

I read a lot of classics when I was a kid…all in abridged children’s editions and I loved them. I knew they were abridged and I had a vague notion that I would read them, properly, the way they had been written, once I grew up.

I never did. My kids are reading those books now. I was sitting with them yesterday as we went through a stack of books, both new and old as I helped them pick their next read…My son was looking through King Solomon’s Mines and Robin Hood while my daughter picked 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, all books that I have read and loved and largely forgotten.


King Solomon’s Mines is the only one I remember with any clarity. Not surprising, considering how many times I read it as a kid. It is a marvelous story and one that I am keen to revisit. Thanks to Project Gutenberg, I got myself a copy of the book in less than ten seconds (I will never cease to marvel at this).

So it is time to see if the story still holds the same magic for me that it did back when I was a wide eyed ten year old reading breathlessly wondering what on earth was going to happen next.


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